Edge Computing ADK

Edge Computing ADK


Low Power Consumption, Low Bandwidth, Low Latency

Edge Computing can process, analyze, and store data directly at the data source. Compared to central computing, it consumes only a few watts of energy, reduces transmission bandwidth requirements ,and latency. In order to realize the computing on the edge devices, Edge AI computing ADK(Assessment and Deployment Kit) is embedded onto the System on a Chip (SoC), which allows the computing nodes to be distributed from the central side to the application side, and the inference is performed on the device to avoid the delay caused by network transmission and to provide timely alerts.

ioNetworks provides kinds of edge computing ADKs embedded onto the AI SoC according to different fields and needs, and embed them into cameras as edge computing devices. Through the collection of field data, it can be applied in various fields such as security surveillance, smart transportation , and smart parks, providing multiple insights and predictive analysis in real time.

Advantages of our solution

Edge Computing

With rich project experience in domestic and overseas cities, ioNetworks, as an partner of Qualcomm and Ambarella, embeds AI chips into edge devices to provide edge-side AI image recognition solutions to achieve low latency, low power consumption and high performance recognition. We offer a wide range of AI recognition projects, such as object detection and tracking, face recognition, and so on. We have rich experience in collaborating to plan the most suitable solution for you. We use AI deep learning technology and integrate with international chip vendors' hardware AI acceleration methods to adjust the algorithm to high accuracy rate for special environment and field.

ioNetworks has released solutions as follow

ioNetworks provides 3 types of ADK according to the application of the field, basic security monitoring, advanced security monitoring, and smart transportation.


Basic Security Monitoring

Personnel detection ADK

People counting ADK

Loitering detection ADK

Face recognition ADK

Object left detection ADK

Cross line detection ADK

Camera tampering detection ADK

Vehicle detection ADK


Advanced Security Monitoring

Fire detection ADK

Tripwire detection ADK

License plate recognition ADK for parking lot



License plate recognition ADK for moving cars

Vehicle classification ADK

Traffic flow analytics ADK

Violation detection ADK

Occupancy detection ADK

Why choose us?


Official partner of international chip makers

with RD support resources from Qualcomm and Ambarella, we can develop for specific applications and create various AIOT devices.

Low power consumption

 Unlike the central AI servers that cost thousands of kilowatts, AI chips with a few watts can achieve a significant level of efficiency with ioNetworks algorithms.

High Speed Computing

 Compared to computing in the backend or Ai box, which generates hundreds of milliseconds of latency, computing on SoC can achieve inferences within tens of milliseconds.

Deep learning technology

 Each product has its own deep learning algorithm, which can be adjusted to a higher degree of accuracy for specific environments.

Complete API and ADK files

Easier to integrate with other devices or solutions.



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A  Rm. C503, 5F., No. 30, Baogao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231029 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)






Rm. C503, 5F., No. 30, Baogao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231029 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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