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Smart City & IoT
EZ Match Face
Intelligent Face Recognition
EZ Match FR is an Artificial Intelligent Face Recognition application which is designed to work with EZ Pro VMS Server or can be a system independently.

EZ Pro
Video Management Software
EZ Pro is an endlessly customizable IP Video Management platform that gives users the ability to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of project, for use by any one, on any device.

EZ Match LPR
License Plate Recognition
Designed for vehicle plate recognition. New generation ANPR/ LPR for parking and access control. Which allowed to connect EZ Pro VMS as bookmark function.

RAID Card Alarm Tool
EZ RAID SOS allows ioNetworks users to monitor and control their RAID cards anytime and any where, without being affected by a wide area network. Simply log in to EZ Pro Video Management Software and every move of your RAID card will be within your control.

Networking Video Recorder
ioNetworks expert engineers have created a high-performance, high-reliability, and cost-effective solutions. With our VMS and NVR, you will experienced the best quality of surveillance industry.