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RAID CARD Alarm Tool
EZ RAID SOS allows users to monitor and control their RAID cards anytime and anywhere,without being affected by a wide area network.Simply log in to EZ Pro Video Management Software and every move of your RAID card will be within your control.
A must-have

ioNetworks INC provides you with a most convenient and easy operation environment. In terms of hardware, it can customize video hosting requirements and be used with EZ Pro Video Management Software.

With EZ Pro VMS, users can receive instant status alerts transmitted from the RAID card and hard disk drive, unaffected by all kinds of restrictions from a WAN.

This two-pronged approach allows you to complete your job in the most efficient state, preventing regional, network, and time conditions from causing irreversible data damage.

EZ RAID SOS Features

24Hours Constant Monitoring EZ RAID SOS provides around the clock auto-confirmation of RAID card events and automatically adds to the Event Log, as well as transmits to EZ Pro Generic Event to ensure normal operation of the hard disk.

Hardware Monitoring Users are able to select the types of events to be monitored, to comply with environmental requirements.

Background Daemon Monitoring of RAID card status can be carried out without executing EZ RAID SOS, as it can be operated by a background program, preventing problems of multiple platform launches.

EZ RAID SOS Functions
Controller Status

Detects the offline/online status of hard disk drives, and whether it is within the disk group and monitoring range.

Hard Disk Drive Status

Detects the health status of hard disk drives, existence of logical bad sectors or whether there is a fault or removal.

Bad Block Table Status

Detects whether a bad block is created on the RAID card, to avoid storing data in the bad block in the future, thus increasing reliability of data access.

Battery Status

Detects status and lifespan of battery power, while ensuring optimum performance of the controller.