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Video Surveillance for Taiwan’s Government Bank

Video Surveillance for Taiwan’s Government Bank

Condition :

Change Analog System to Digital Frame

Branches :
161 branches in Taiwan

Process :

Achievement from 2016 End until now :
10 branches

Project Scale & Special Requirements :

Each Branch usually requires 30 to 40pcs IP cameras as well as 2 to 3pcs recording servers, keeping 2 to 6 months recording archives, and requires “Failover” to ensure that the cameras’ recording would not be interrupted for a long period when any of recording server is failed.

The advantage of EZ Pro failover function is that user does not need to prepare either extra redundant server or another sets of cameras’ recording license. Therefore, our solution is much more competitive against other vendors on budgets.

ioNetworks’ Proposal:

1. EZ Pro VMS channel License:30 to 40 CH

2. IOR-4660-D20 (3U16bay rackmount NVR):2 sets

3. Third parties IP cameras:30 to 40pcs

    5M Fisheye Cameras:3pcs

    3M Dome Cameras:5pcs

    3M Bullet Cameras:10 to 15pcs

    3M Box Cameras:10 to 15pcs