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Video Surveillance for Fast Food Restaurant

Video Surveillance for Fast Food Restaurant


Video Surveillance for Fast Food Restaurant

CCTV System replacement

300 branches in Turkey


Project Scale & Special Requirements:

There are 300 stores with total 3000 cameras, and this case needs to backup recording archive to center servers. EZ Pro system has a function called “Global Backup” to handle this demand. User can back up their recording archive by 3 different modes. (Real Time/On Demand/By Schedule)

In addition to that, it also needs “Failover” function at each store.

So we propose 2pcs of IOD-0220-A10 for each store. Each of them can be failover server for each other, and IOD-0220-A10 has one 1TB HDD inside to handle 7 days cameras’ recording as recording buffer.

ioNetworks Solution:

1.EZ Pro VMS Channel License:3000CH

2.IOD-0220-A10:600pcs (2pcs for each store)

3.Third Party IP Cameras:3000pcs