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N City (Intelligent Harbor)


N City Government has 24 bureaus, 4 divisions, 1 committee, and other 27 first-level agencies, as well as 28 district offices.  In order to increase the efficiency of fishing port management, the first phase of the smart fishing port construction has been completed. Based on the first phase of the smart fishing port construction, the existing and cross-unit management resources of the Fisheries Department have been combined, and smart technology equipment has been introduced to collect and analyze relevant data and establish a database in order to increase management efficiency, reduce manpower expenses, and improve the safety and response capability of the fishing port, demonstrating the city's achievements in smart technology.


Cooperation plan

N City has a 145-kilometer coastline with 28 fishing harbors, but they are scattered and used to take a lot of manpower to manage, making it impossible to grasp the current situation immediately. With the introduction of AI image processing technology, through monitoring and broadcasting equipment, the voice of the staffs can be transmitted to the fishing harbor side, alerting the public and fishermen of dangerous areas, remote broadcasting to remind them of safety or management violations, and automatically notifying the relevant management staff to achieve the benefits of intelligent management of fishing harbors and reduce labor expenses.



  • Reduce Manpower by 40%
  • Reduce time to patrol and searching video archive for evidences by 50%
  • Reduce the chance of injury and death due to illegal fishing by 60%
  • Increase in the evacuation rate of fishing port traffic by 30%
  • Through image integration, fisheye de-warping, equipment management, traffic flow analytics, license plate recognition integrated with dynamic images and big data, and other functions, users can monitor the safety of the city in real time
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