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National Taiwan Cancer Center (referred to as NTUCC) is a newly established second branch of the NTUH. The Center is a 14-story above ground and 4-story underground building with a capacity of 500 beds. The Cancer Center will hold an official soft opening at the end of 2018 and open for outpatient registration after July 4, 2019.


Cooperation plan

In order to build the NTUCC into best cancer center in Asia, an automated management system was introduced, through the Turing Series-face recognition system, Hippocrates Series-fall detection, access control system, EZ Pro VMS surveillance system, and combined with emergency help, Horizontal integration of fire protection systems, etc., creates a safe and secure medical environment for the Cancer Center.



  • Reduce Manpower by 30%
  • Reduce time to patrol and searching video archive for evidences by 50%
  • Overall control in the hospital is instantaneously managed through image integration, equipment management along with collaboration of dynamic video feeds and big data.
  • Reduce physical total cost of ownership by 20%
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Turing Series-EZ Match Face

EZ Match Face is a facial recognition software developed based on AI artificial intelligence. It has the best user experience and the fastest deployment, and can be integrated into the EZ Pro image management platform or executed separately.

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EZ pro VMS discovers and streams video from network cameras, RTSP or HTTP links, and virtually any device or media source.

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Hippocratic Series-EZ Fall Detection

EZ fall detection uses depth (Lidar, iToF) sensing device to generate a field depth map, judge portrait behavior, identify fall action, and distinguish similar behavior to reduce misjudgment, so as to achieve the purpose of immediate return and reduce the number of inspections of nursing manpower.

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