Tailored AI Solutions for Diverse Applications

Empowering a Wide Range of Scenarios with Over 50 AI Models, 

from Smart Cities and Traffic Management to Industrial Automation and Campus Security.

Smart Factory

The implementation of AI applications in smart factories has significantly improved safety monitoring, precision attendance systems, and rapid disaster response capabilities.

Smart Healthcare

Integrating AI technology into traditional care processes to expand the scope of care services, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency and quality.


Using fisheye cameras and facial recognition technology along with automatic failover mechanisms, to ensure uninterrupted recording and reduce surveillance costs while enhancing security.

Smart Office

Integrate AI recognition systems with video surveillance equipment to reduce management costs while protecting labor rights.

Smart Construction Site

Centralized monitoring through AI video recognition systems proactively detects hazardous factors, enhancing corporate management efficiency and reducing property losses.

Smart City Traffic Security

“Smart city” is one of the major policy directions worldwide, that offers higher energy efficiency, safety, and security, and solves common traffic issues.

Smart Gas/Charging Station

Embracing the global green growth trend and the rise of electric vehicles, gas stations are increasingly incorporating charging stations and integrating AI analytics to automate operations.

Smart Campus

Implement video analytics to upgrade traditional school security with proactive alerts for threats and anomalies.


Real-time highway hazard detection: from shoulder violations, and debris monitoring, to abnormal event alerts, enhancing traffic safety and emergency response.


AI solutions for effective port management and tourist experience: Solve traffic congestion, illegal fishing, and crowd monitoring challenges in harbors.

Intellectual Park

Leverage AI technology for real-time anomaly detection, illegal personnel alerts, traffic flow analysis, and intelligent truck parking guidance to attract businesses and enhance park management efficiency.

Accurate and trustworthy deep learning technology

Providing World-Class AI Solutions

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Accurate and trustworthy deep learning technology

Providing World-Class AI Solutions

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